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Land Surveying Completed Precisely, Every Time

Taking precise measurements of distances and angles for large construction projects is not only an essential part of the planning process, but also usually required. OLA in Beachwood, New Jersey, offers comprehensive land surveying services for private, commercial, industrial, and governmental agencies.

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Working Faster & Smarter

Our team of land surveyors uses state-of-the-art equipment in the office and out in the field to electronically download survey data from the sites we work on to our computers. Utilizing these tools has saved us substantial time and expense in both the office and field, which allows you to start construction sooner and reduce costs in the long run.

Equipment Used Includes:

• Data Collectors
• Total Station Instruments
• Electronic Levels
• Computer Software

Types of Surveys:
• Boundary
• Subdivision
• Title
• Topographic
• Right-of-Way
• Wetland Location
• Riparian & Tideland
• Hydrographic

Additional Services:

• All Phases of Construction, from Layout to Record Drawings • Aerial Photogrammetry Control
Tax Maps
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