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Obtain all of the data you need to build a new structure in certain areas. OLA provides a full range of GIS services and turnkey solutions for clients in Beachwood, New Jersey, and across the state. Our unique blend of advanced geographic information systems technology and professional civil engineering experience is why we are the selected GIS consultants for a rapidly increasing number of New Jersey municipalities and other governmental agencies.


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Data, Software, & Training

From needs assessment, database design, and development to implementation, spatial analyses, and database maintenance, our team works closely with every client and maintains daily contact to keep you updated start to finish. In addition to providing complete GIS services, OLA is an Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI) Business Partner authorized to distribute, install, and support the world's most powerful and popular suite of GIS software applications for the desktop. We offer hardware and software recommendations and a variety of training options, including customized on-site training.